Supporting careers for our young adults in Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

We recently saw 3 of our young adults (pictured above L-R); Isiah Corrigan, Nickeisha Stevens and Jared Booth accepted into the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) as Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALO’s) after having successfully completed their training. Now working full time, they have all headed back to their respective postings to start their new full time roles and help keep their community members safe.

In addition to this, Binjari’s Jarod Booth, who as a result of displaying the most outstanding dedication throughout the training program, won the Commissioner’s Trophy out of his 15+ member squad.

So what inspired our 3 young adults to join the NTPFES as ALO’s?

Nickeisha: “I became an ALO because I want to be able to support my family and community. Being an ALO will help me form a strong support role that will assist the Police Officers in my community”

Isiah: “I am looking forwad to mentoring young people away from bad choices and helping them to make better choices for their future”

Jarod: “I believe that this is a great job for the members of my community back home in Binjari, I am looking forward to knowing what the ALO position involves and by participating in the courses will obtain this knowledge. I will then be able to apply these new skills when I return to my home community.”

We’re proud of our community members and enjoy not only encouraging our young adults to find careers that they’re passionate about but also seeing them thrive when they do. We’re certain Nickeisha, Isiah and Jarod will make outstanding contributions wherever they are posted!

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