Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation (BCAC)

Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation (BCAC) endeavors to empower the lives of Aboriginal people through cultural initiatives. BCAC make efforts to reaffirm Aboriginal people’s identity, their pride and spirituality and the services it provides targets the emotional, cultural, social, and physical wellbeing of Aboriginal people.



Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation (BCAC) aim to lead in the delivery of innovative, professional and culturally competent services to enhance the physical, emotional, mental, cultural, financial and spiritual wellbeing of its community and all Aboriginal people.


Centrelink Access Point

Australia Post Agency

Health Clinic

CDP Programme

Municipal Services

Bus Services

Community Services 

Domestic Violence 

Katherine Safety Committee

Service Provider Liaison 

Housing & Maintenance


Correctional Services 

Accommodation Services 

Machinery  Hire 

Construction Building 

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